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Safety Briefing

It is important to brief junior members on their responsibilities for protecting themselves and others against injury or harm. They should be encouraged to enjoy the sessions and enjoy new experiences without being subject to high risks. 

Ensure that all participants:

  • Wear the correct football clothing/footwear for the conditions & surface e.g. rainwear, boots for grass, moulded or training shoe for astro turf.
  • Wear the correct protective clothing e.g. shin pads
  • All clothing and protective clothing fits correctly and laces are done up properly
  • Remove all jewellery, chewing gum etc.
  • Are familiar with the environment in which they are playing, point out any potential obstructions or hazards
  • Report any damage to equipment to the person in charge
  • Warm up so that they are ready for exercise
  • Always listen to instructions
  • Bring a drink with them to every session (if not provided by the team)
  • In the sun wear a hat, long sleeved T-shirt, high protective sun cream