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Fire Safety Policy

Internal Coaching Sessions 

It is the responsibility of the club committee to ensure that all members and staff understand the basic fire precaution arrangements and procedures. 

  • The location of fire alarms and how to use them
  • The location of fire exits
  • The location of assembly points
  • The location of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment 
  • On discovering a fire the nearest fire alarm must be activated.Do not attempt to tackle the fire unless safe to do so (i.e. the fire can be quickly extinguished with the minimum of risk to self). 
  • If evacuation is necessary it is important to remember the following rules: 
  • Do not panic keep a clear head
  • Raise the alarm and call the fire services
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings or allow others to do so
  •  No heroics people before property
  •  Close doors behind you
  •  Where possible use the nearest fire exit
  • Take all registers and once at the assembly point account for all participants and coaches
  •  Do not re-enter the building or allow others to do so until instructed by the Fire Officer in charge
  • Record any incident or injury and complete an incident/accident form.