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2004 – 2005

Season 2004/05 was a memorable season for a number of reasons as the club went from strength to strength. The club organized its first Soccer Festival to celebrate the fifth anniversary which was a great success. Later that year a number of boys joined professional clubs from our 95s and 89s, (3) 95s joined Celtic, (3) others signed up with Dundee United and (2) moved on to Clyde. 
Our successful 89s saw (1) player join Gretna and (3) to Clyde. Over and above this group a number of boys at various age levels also received supplementary coaching at professional clubs. Prior to this activity our Academy once again delivered two new teams at the 98s age band and also successfully recruited a new group of 99s. 

The 11 a-side teams were successful both at home and abroad. Our 90s kicked-off the season with summer festival wins at Grahamston BC and Kildrum Utd. Easter 2005 saw our 89s bring home our first European Winners Trophy winning the Brabant Cup, the Netherlands, with our 90s also Runners-up in the same event.

This was followed up with 88s winning the Central FA Earlsgate Cup with a memorable extra time victory against Syngenta Juveniles and our 90s capturing the CKDYL Peter McMahon Cup, winning a penalty shoot-out against Carbrain BC.