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Sports Nutrition

How to eat your way to a better performance!

Nutrition is an important part of any sportsperson’s preparation, amateur or professional. What a sportsperson eats and drinks before and after training and competition affects health body mass and body composition as well as performance in, and, recovery from the effects of exercise. An optimum diet can help to maximise sport performance.

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Scottish Football Association -Nutrition Booklet 2015

bg_masthead.jpg – Click on link to Healthier Scotland site 

Hydration Advice:  Most important during the event is fluid intake. Hopefully you have stayed well hydrated during the day with plenty of fluid intake, to take some pressure off drinking huge volumes during a competition. There is a gradual reduction in performance as the degree of dehydration increases.

  • Try to consume water at every opportunity possible and practical, i.e. when there are breaks in a game.
  • Have your own water bottle and monitor how much you drink.
  • Drink to your comfort level, you can experience stomach upsets if you consume too much.
  • In events longer than 1 hour there may be benefits to consuming some carbohydrates with your drink, such as a sports drink.
  • Keeping fluids cool may encourage greater consumption.